San Mateo, Ixtatán

san mateo fer small.jpg The c'e Montessori - San Mateo Ixtatán project began in 2007 when Fernando went to the Cuchumatanes highland town to work for the Ixtatan Foundation and its school project. Through visits and work with the foundation director Beth-Neville Evans in the following years the Pre-School began taking shape. c'e Montessori was able to build great relationships with school allies within Guatemala like the Waldorf school at the lake Escuela Caracol and Futbol sin Fronteras in Solola. The community in San Mateo began production of Montessori furniture for the classroom. The novel concept of infant-sized furniture was a beginning lesson in child-centered education.

YN14.jpg Current Foundation director Elias Alonzo is spearheading the transformation of the school from a building into a campus. The concept, well-exemplified by Rio Dulce school Ak' Tenamit is set to include a c'e Montessori Pre-School. The Pre-School will be the first in the Chuj area that works with 3, 4 and 5 year old children and a much-needed asset to Yinhatil Nab'en teenage mothers that want to finish their High School studies. Graduates from the Ixtatan Foundation's Yinhatil Nab'en school will run the program once the building of the campus is finished and the class is ready to welcome its first group of 3-year olds.

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